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What we do

You’ve gotten this far, so maybe you’d like to know more about us. Great!
Our 10:15 a.m. worship service music is what is typically referred to as “blended”. That means we love to sing a combination of the great classic hymns and the best of some of the new and classic worship and praise music. The emphasis is on music that helps us connect to God to worship Him and to “set the stage” for the message that Sunday.
Our pastor usually uses PowerPoint and bulletin notes – and sometimes video, with his teaching to help everybody get something out of the Bible that applies to life. It’s not boring. It’s not fluffy. It’s honest, to the point, interesting and relevant. Worship usually runs about an hour to an hour fifteen minutes. The first Sunday each month, usually, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. All believers are welcome to participate.
Wondering how people dress for worship here? It’s quite honestly a mix of everything from very casual to traditional. We’re not especially interested in fashion; we’re more interested in meeting with God and building a strong community of faith and mission.