Adult Sunday School Classes September – November
@ 9 am on Sundays
Women’s Bible Study
Tuesday mornings from 9-10 am, study alongside other women exploring what the Bible really teaches about “Grace.”
Other ways to get involved…
Small Groups!
Discipleship Partners!
A letter rich with the early church’s experience of God’;s truth & grace made applicable to the lives of Jesus’ disciples today.
Men’s Bible Study
Tuesday evenings from 7-8 pm it’s guys studying and making personal application of the book of Daniel.
Women’s Missions Projects
Tuesdays 7 pm
Men’s Breakfast
Third Saturday at 8 am
Faith’s Foundations
What are our key beliefs, why, and how can we simply articulate them and fruitfully apply them to our lives?
Oasis Food Pantry
Wednesdays from 10 am to Noon.
Serving nutritional and spiritual needs.
Praise and Prayer
and a potluck every Wednesday
5:30 pm, followed by devotion and prayer time. at 6:30 pm.