Adult Sunday School Classes March – May
@ 9 am on Sundays
Men’s Bible Study &
Women’s Missions Projects
Tuesdays 7 pm
Crisis 101
Are you coming into, in the midst of, or heading out of chaos and/or tragedy?  How do you find God in the middle of life’s tragedies?
Oasis Food Pantry
Wednesdays from 10 am to Noon.
Serving nutritional and spiritual needs.
Biblical Foundations
Why do we believe what we believe?  We’ll dive into what the bible says about our core beliefs as disciples of Jesus.
Praise and Prayer
Join us for a potluck every Wednesday at
6 pm, followed by devotion and prayer time
@ 6:45
The Heart of Worship
What is musical worship?  What does the bible say about how and when we sing, what instruments or styles to use, etc.?  Can all the generations really worship together?
Men’s Breakfast
Third Saturday at 8 am
APRIL 22,  After Church
Come enjoy some home cookin’ as we build relationship
with each other over some delicious food